This Video Reveals How This Spectacular Art Project Came Together

Penang, Malasysia is now homethe home of a really stunning art task: The Star, built by artist Jun Hao Ong as part of the Urban XChange public art festival.

This is actually beautiful, and the video shows off how Ong constructed the task.

“The Star is a problem in existing political and cultural climate of the nation, it is a symptom of the sterile conditions of Butterworth, an once prospering commercial port and substantial terminal in between the mainland and island,” according to the task’s description.

You can see more pictures of the project here.

Iconic Andy Warhol Prints Taken From Springfield Art Museum

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) _ Someone got into a Missouri art museum this week and took an unknown number of prints of Andy Warhols Campbells Soup Cans.

The Springfield News-Leader ( reports the theft at the Springfield Art Museum happened in between 5:30 pm Wednesday and 8:45 am Thursday. Cops spokesperson Lisa Cox states the FBI and Interpol have actually been alerted.

The site for London-based art auction house Christies spokens a comparable 1968 color screenprint from Warhols Campbells Soup I series offeredcost more than $30,000 in 2015.

City spokeswoman Cora Scott states the museum is a department of the City of Springfield and is moneyed through propertyreal estate tax. She states all the works at the museum are covered by a great arts insurance policy that has an annual premium of approximately $14,000.

Very First Appearance: Book Celebrates The ‘Art Of Atari’

Video video gameComputer game veterans who owned an Atari video gamecomputer game console are well mindfulaware of its greatest hits: Space Invaders, Asteroids, Battle. However a brand-new book launching this fall commemorates the art work used to sell these classics.Dynamite Entertainment

revealed Friday it will release the book The Art of Atari, a 350-page retrospective( $39.99) digging into the history of the video online game service through artwork consisting of marketing products and traditional box art.The box art approximately this point has never ever really been represented with

any sort of stability or respect that it should have, says Robert V. Conte, a pop culture specialist and one of the co-authors of The Art of Atari.The art work was pulled together from museums and private collections, including Contes own stash of

Atari online games. Conte remembers getting an Atari 2600 for Christmas in 1980. His father, an appliance salesperson, would barter with electronics companies, exchanging devices for video games to strengthen Contes collection.Before you knew it, I had the most Atari video games on the block, states Conte, who chooses Area Invaders as his preferred piece of Atari box


Tony Conrad, Wide-Ranging Pioneer In Music, Film, And Art, Dies At 76

Tony Conrad, the indefatigably experimental artist whose career included landmark accomplishments in structural film, drone music, and contemporary art, passed away today of pneumonia, according to the Buffalo News. He was 76, and in current years had actually been alleviated for prostate cancer.

Conrad was amongst a little group of artists whose operate in the 1960s specified the outer limitation of the American avant-garde at the time. In the middle of that years, alongside La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, John Cale, and others, Conrad carried out in the storied Theatre of Eternal Music, which originated drone music in the West, and in 1966 he produced The Flicker, a 30-minute film that consisted only of alternating black and white frames.

His work in movie turned much more extreme in the early 1970s. In a 2005 interview with Jay Sanders, released in Bomb, Conrad said of that era,” [I] t seemed to me the time had actually concerned just skip ideal ahead and carry the entirethe entire formalist facility out toward an endgame, where the needed rational extreme that had actually already occurred in painting and in efficiency and so forth years earlier could be exercised in film.”

And so he pickled film in vinegar and revealed it in dirty bottles, rather than evaluating it through a projector. “I was attemptingattempting to kill film,” Conrad said. “I wantedwished to let it lay over and die.”

In 1973 he created the first of his Yellow Movies by painting screens on paper with white houseplant, which would grow yellow throughout years– a film that, in essence, will continue playing for all time, or at least as long as the works remain to exist. They are amongst the uncommon pieces that shake off concerns of conservation. They are developed to deteriorate.