Free College, Political Assistance: Survey Of Neighborhood College Leaders

This time last year, the nationwide discussion around the free community college movement appeared to be choosinggetting steam.

On the heels of President Obama # 39; s America # 39; s College Pledge, Oregon would join Tennessee as the 2nd state to provide students a complimentary two-year college education. And congressional Democrats would recommend costs aiming to turn the president # 39; s proposal into reality.

However neighborhood college presidents are divided about the likelihood of complimentary two-year college happening whenever quickly. Inside Greater Ed # 39; s second yearly Survey of Neighborhood College Presidents exposes that 37 percent disagree or highly disagree that complimentary neighborhood college programs will be embraced in a minimum of one-third of states within the next five years; 35 percent agree or highly agree that this will occur.

The study, conducted by Gallup, includes the impressions of 220 neighborhood college presidents on the present state of the complimentary neighborhood college movement, their expectations of assistance from the next US president and issues surrounding decreasing registrations and graduation rates.