Summit Valuations Joins American Association Of Private Lenders

Niles, Ill.-based Summit Valuations LLC, a full-service assessment business providing nationwide genuine estate evaluations, verifies it is now a member of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), a group that supplies genuine estate investors with online education, networking and industry information.The AAPL offers members

access to specialists and details to helpto assist them create better offers, the company says. It partners with many in the private lending industry to offer idea leadership and trend analysis.Private loan providers of all sizes know that genuine estate can be a lucrative financial investment, but these lenders need a source of good market details to guide their efforts, states Top Valuations President Ron Ahlensdorf Jr.This organization is dedicated to providing support to entrepreneurs who see the potential in the genuinerealty market and desire to supply liquidity. Since we supply professional realrealty valuation services to pioneers, loan servicers and investors throughout the market, this is a good fit for us, he continues.Members of the AAPL include lawyers, accounting professionals and loan servicers, in addition to private loan providers and others.Chrissey Breault, director of marketing and member services for

the AAPL, says that the organization is constantly looking forlooking for market experts who can clarify the events impacting the realproperty market to benefit its members.